Propulsion DC Gearmotors for New UGV Application

12 VDC Gearmotors for Military Vehicle Remote Controlled

Vehicle Steering System

24 Volt DC Gearmotors for adjusting the Azimuth and

Elevation axes on a Military Satellite Dish

MMP Gearmotors used for solar tracking

MMP Gearmotors are operational aboard the NAVY X-Craft

in a strategically significant application

MMP Gearmotor used to adjust yaw position

in a commercial wind turbine

NASA - Gearmotors and Servo Amplifiers to drive

an Electric Ground Vehicle

24 VDC Gearmotors for Ordnance Disposal Robot

(as seen above)

24 VDC Gearmotors for a “Robotic Gurney”

designed for spinal injury victims


12 VDC Gearmotors to drive steering

mechanism on an Electric Vehicle


12 VDC Gearmotor for a wheel chair scissors lift

to raise and lower occupants

12 VDC Gearmotor that deploys a ramp for wheel chair

access on a public transportation vehicle

-- 48 VDC Gearmotor and Servo Amplifier in automated welding application
-- 24 VDC Gearmotors for Automated processing of Medical Specimens
-- 12 VDC Gearmotor to raise and lower video monitor in Vehicle
-- Speed Control and DC Motor for Metal fabrication equipment
                       -- 48 VDC Gearmotors and servo amplifiers in multi-axis Coordinate Measuring application    ...and countless others


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